Upcoming 12th Edition: Join us for a St. Patrick's Day online parade!

Last year Small-leaved Shamrock hosted a St. Patrick's Day parade - in the blogosphere, that is. It was great fun and we're planning to do it again.

As you probably know, March is Irish heritage month in many places, thanks to the feast day of St. Patrick, beloved saint of Ireland. Our "parade", the 12th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture, will be open to anything and everything about Irish heritage, genealogy and culture. Posts about St. Patrick will be appreciated, but posts related to any meaningful aspect of Ireland's heritage are welcomed.

The deadline is March 14, 2009. Submit your parade entry here. Then come join us for the parade on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2009. On the feast of St. Patrick, everyone likes to be Irish, at least for one day. Hope to see you at the parade wearing your green!

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