Upcoming 19th edition: Small-leaved Shamrock Poetry Party

The upcoming 19th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture, in honor of U.S. National Poetry Month 2010, will be a celebration of Irish verse.  Come join us for the Small-leaved Shamrock Poetry Party!  Here are the details:

The Irish have long been known for the "gift of gab".  They have a creative way with words that ranges from the beautifully touching ballad to the belly-laugh limerick.  In honor of U.S. National Poetry Month this April 2010, Small-leaved Shamrock will host a Poetry Party

Have a bit of Irish verse that has touched your soul? Know a hilarious limerick that you'd like to share (in good taste, of course)? How about your favorite Irish blessing? Share a poem in the Irish tradition on your blog, and submit it to the poetry carnival.  Can't find something that fits with the theme of your blog? Write a poem of your own and share it with us.

Deadline for submissions to the Small-leaved Shamrock Poetry Party edition of the carnival is Monday, April 26, 2010. This edition will be published at Small-leaved Shamrock on Poem in Your Pocket Day, Thursday, April 29, 2010.

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