The Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture goes on holiday

After twenty editions of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture, I've decided to send the carnival on a little sabbatical.  The 21st edition was in the works, but due to lack of publicity on my part and the busy lives of other bloggers, it neglected to get off the ground.  (Apologies to you, Jennifer, Frances and Geniaus!  Your stories will be highlighted in an upcoming edition.)

After going back and forth with the idea for awhile, I have decided that the carnival needs to go on a little holiday while I wait for my life to slow down a little bit.  I know that it will. The wee one who is taking up much of my time now is not my first (so I know he will grow up). Since he is not my first, his siblings are also keeping my life very busy (so blogging has been placed beyond the back burner lately).  I have hope that life will return to a slower pace in the very near future.

Please plan to join us when the carnival revives itself with the real 21st edition (not a false start!).  While you're waiting, take some time to read some back issues of the carnival, which began back in 2007 (read its birth announcement here).  Our annual St. Patrick's Day blog "parades" are a great place to get started reading. They include the largest variety of Irish heritage topics together in one edition.  You can find them here, here and here.
In the meantime, I'll be doing a little housekeeping here behind the scenes of this carnival and my family history blogs and I hope you'll be working on your Irish genealogy and taking time to celebrate some Irish culture in your life!

Thanks to Stowing Away for the "on sabbatical" photograph.


  1. Thanks for your great work with the Carnivals and for linking to my post.

    Have a refreshing break and we'll see you at the November Carnival.

    Regards from Downunder, Geniaus

  2. Hey Lisa, I just wanted to to say thanks for all the work you've done on the carnivals so far - and sorry that I didn't get anything in for the most recent one. I'll try to do something for the November and St. Patrick's Day editions. Totally understand where you are coming from, it is difficult with a baby isn't it? (And I have just the one!) I started back at work this week so life will only get busier... Anyway, looking forward to the November Carnival!

  3. I feel guilty because I haven't taken part in the last few editions.I'll try to be ready in November!